Letter to Libby

A Little Bit About Me…

My name is Jeyda. I have a sister called Fidelya and a brother named Unal.

What I Like to do…
One of my favourite things to do is cook. I when I’m sad or angry I like to draw and dance. I’m not the only one my mum and dad likes to dance too sometimes it is embarrassing just watching them.

What I am Looking Forward to This Year…
I’m looking forward to camp because we get to go to places I have never been and I get to be with my friend

Move up day 100 WC #2

…But where would we hide it all?…



Finally I can to walk home. Now I can buy whatever I want. I went and bought a;

Drink bottle, a ball, a squishy, a bookmark and a giant teddy bear. I start walking home and start thinking about what would my mum say if she saw all of these things? Would she get angry or happy? I was worried. I went onto the tram and saw somebody that looked like my mum, for a second I thought that she was my mum. I decided that I needed to hide the toys. But where would I hide it all? NO!


My mouth was full of food I couldn’t bear to eat. I was only meant to eat a little bit but I ate a lot of my afternoon snack. Finally it was dinner. Oh no I was full. What am I going to do? I was going to give the food to my dog. What if my mum sees? I started to give small amounts of my dinner to my dog. Until I only had salad left. Suddenly my Mum sat next to me. What would happen if I gave more food to my dog would my Mum see?

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