100 WC Bricks Gorilla Yellow Running Pretty

I was lost in a jungle for a second I blacked and only saw YELLOW. I saw a BRICK path. I followed the path. You know what it’s PRETTY cool being in a jungle but not being stuck in one without your parents. I saw a giant when I say giant I mean HUGE. I started RUNNING and sprinting like Usain Bolt…

BTN The Solar System

This text was about the similarities and differences earth and other planets.

Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system.

Jupiter’s biggest storm is the great red spot.

The great red spot is bigger than earth.

Why does Jupiter have so many moons?

Why doesn’t earth have so many moons?

I now understand how Jupiter is the biggest planet 

100 WC …Because I Said So…

I hate my sister, Daya. She never listen to me. But she actually  was listening to me today. That was totally acting weird. For once she was actually listening. I ask mum why she was actually listening to me.1 year later. She was still listening to me. Today she asked me”why do I have to do my chores”. I told “BECAUSE I SAID SO”! After that she never said that again.



BTN Mars Mission





This video was about the first mars rover landing after 8 months getting there.

It took 8 months to get there.

The robot is about the size of a car.

Mars is the most like Earth planet in the solar system.

How many robots have people to mars and why are they looking for a new planet?

I now understand what a rover. 

#7 100 WC …it reminded me of a time when…

I was enjoying the sunset at the beautiful beach, watching people swim and  IT REMINDED ME OF A TIME WHEN… I was little. I had best friend called Ella. We went swimming at this exact beach, but unfortunately she got really ill. The doctors didn’t have a cure. She passed away in her sleep. Before she passed away, she said our family was the biggest support. Ella also said, ‘Once my friend, always my friend.’ She will always be by my side. Ella passed away when we were only 10. Now we are 20. Ella will always be my BFF.

The Mistake

I was heading to the kitchen, to cook pancakes for the first time. Mum asked if I needed help I rejected it. I looked up an recipe and found just the right one. I made the batter, but it was lumpy I went on, I melted the butter in the pan. Then I poured  the batter in the pan. It went wrong a lot of times the first time I burnt it, the second time it wasn’t cooked enough. I tried until all the batter was gone. Do you know those times when you think you don’t need help but you really do, well this is one of those times. I went and told mum i really did need her help and said sorry for saying no straight away. I guess I didn’t find the right recipe. We made the batter again this time it was nice and smooth,we melted the butter again. Poured the batter in the pan and made a beautiful family breakfast.

#6 100 WC

We were playing tiggy. I hit my forehead on something. I saw two huge hands they were holding one long stick they looked rather familia but it was really hard to see. I think the bump blocked out my vision. My friend Ella, the person I was playing tiggy with, helped me get up. I was feeling so dizzy I could vomit. I told my mum what happened. She rushed me to the hospital. The doctors took me to  one of the hospital. I was feeling better. Then they had a X ray. A few minutes after the doctor said”…

#5 WC 100 …But what colour should it be?…

I was burning with joy. It was a new year. this year I start high school. That meant I can get a new phone. BUT WHAT COLOUR SHOULD IT IT BE? The options were gold,rose gold and silver. So I choice gold. We went to the apple store. Sadly there were no gold but there was still rose gold and silver. Choice rose gold because it is closer to the colour gold. we got the phone and headed out the store. I was sooo excited to open it. When I got home we set up the phone. I LOVED IT.


I was in my house with a PINK drink I was going to have a party. I was NERVOUS. I went down STAIRS. I said to my kids “I am going to  the super-marcket.” I was at the super macket. I brought food and went home.  I cooked for the party. More and more people came we ran out of food. I called one of my firends that hasnt arived yet and said “on the way can you bring alot of food because we ran out.” 20 minets latershe came with all the food. We enjoyed the rest of the night.

100 WC# …why would I do that?…

Ella my best friend got hurt today. She said it was because of me. I didn’t even do anything. Why would I even do that? So, today I’m not going to play with her. When I was playing, I saw Ella and I kind of wanted to go with her but  I thought she might say “GO AWAY”.  Instead I decided to play with my other friends. Later that day, Ella came up to me and said she wanted to be best friends again so we both apologized and played with each other again.