100 WC# …why would I do that?…

Ella my best friend got hurt today. She said it was because of me. I didn’t even do anything. Why would I even do that? So today I’m not going to play with her. When I was playing saw Ella kind of wanted to go with her but  I thought she might say “GO AWAY” So I played with my friends. later that day Ella came up to me and said she wanted to be best friends again so we both apoligized and played with each other again

100 WC #3 Flame Ice Lime Regularly Clock

It was a regular day. It wasn’t boiling and it cold. It was regularly. I was enjoying my lime and ice drink.We are ment to be at a big family dinner in 15 minets. The clock was ticking. I started to get ready. We all hoped in the car and along the way we had to pick up my antes and uncles. Of cores we had to go to a restrant for a family dinner. There’s this one restrant we all love we get to see the cheffs make our food. We all had s great time. It was the best.

Letter to Libby

A Little Bit About Me…

My name is Jeyda. I have a sister called Fidelya and a brother named Unal.

What I Like to do…
One of my favourite things to do is cook. I when I’m sad or angry I like to draw and dance. I’m not the only one my mum and dad likes to dance too sometimes it is embarrassing just watching them.

What I am Looking Forward to This Year…
I’m looking forward to camp because we get to go to places I have never been and I get to be with my friend

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